History of Parappukkara has many things to say relating to the Syro Malabar Chirstians. The age old Church, the Stone Cross, Schools, Chapels, Facades, Filial Churches, all speak of the ways which Lord has guided the people of God of this locus to become a serene sentinel of catholic faith. Amidst the trials and tribulations, they keep their pristine faith in God with profound hope and genuine fervor. The spiritual edifices and the educational structures speak of the earnestness of faith and love of wisdom of the people of this locality. Though nature has many a time disturbed and destroyed their eternities, their interior castle was never shattered and was always dedicated to their Lord May all who visit this parish imbibe the spiritual riches that this land offers. Let all be inspired by the strenuous endeavours of the faithful of this parish. Faith is illumined by the deep dedication of the people to the ultimate reality of Life-God; despite the troubles and turmoil. This is the story of this parish.

Vicar Message

Happy to be the part of this historical parish by beings its pastor. A cursory glance at the history of this parish reveals to us the immense ways through which God accompanies his dearest people of God. I cannot forget the selfless and committed ministry of the priests who worked for the glory and splendor of this parish. While we gladly remember the glorious past of this parish, let us pledge to take positive steps to nurture our faith by being faithful to the commandments of God and precepts of the church. May God bless all of us through the intercession of St. John Nepumcian, to become authentic leaders to guide others in the path of sanctity and holiness. Let participation in the Holy Eucharist be your strength and recital of Holy Rosary be your solace.

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Holy Mass Time


6.30 am, 10.30 am, 6.00 pm

Monday to Saturday:

6.00 am, 7.00 am


6.00 am, 10.30 am, 5 pm

First Friday:

5.00 pm